Amanda Stone

Amanda Stone started her modeling carrier at the tender age of 14. Known for her height of 5’11 and signature hair, she was an immediate favorite in the fashion, and alternative culture. By the age of 17, Amanda’s work had been seen all over the world, being featured on websites and magazines. She also has been featured on stage with Rob Zombie , and the living canvas for international award winning body artist Nick Herrera on several collaborations.

At age 16, Amanda was working for beauty industry leaders Paul Mitchell. Through her training with Paul Mitchell she became a hair and makeup artist, enjoying the behind the scenes of fashion. She then landed a stylist position at a franchise of one of Elle magazines “top 50″ Salon’s, Lunatic Fringe Salon. A salon opened by legendary hair entrepreneur, and recently a two time award winning author, Giulio Veglio.

Amanda is also no stranger to giving back. Through Paul Mitchell and Lunatic Fringe, She has worked on events and charities such as Children’s Miracle Network, Haircuts for the Homeless, Pop-shop, Battered women’s shelter, and has been featured as a stylist, in numerous plays, musicals,runway shows, Editorial shoots, Fashion ads and commercials. Her work as a hair and makeup artist has also been seen all over MLMLME.COM, on galleries with Carissa White, Danielle Smith, Erika Ivette and Jasmine Bass.

This year, Amanda plans on continuing her work as a stylist and beginning the build on a studio in her home. She has been under the study and guidance of Warren Whitmore, and plans to have the knowledge, and build done by 2011. Occasionally Amanda can still be booked as a model, but for only selective assignments.